New features for the fall

The fall wedding season is finally in full swing here at the Bridal Vine and we are so excited to bring some fun new features for all of our members. First, we’ve completely had a makeover and we hope you love the new look. Along with a fresh, new look, we have also many more tools to help you find, save, and share exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some of our newest features, fresh out of the box.

  • Bridal Vine is now world wide! Sign up from anywhere in the world. If you have a computer and the internet, you’re in!
  • Improved search. True distance search is now here. Find vendors right in your own backyard. But if you don’t like our new distance search, don’t worry, you can switch to to our community search anytime.
  • Sortable searches. Looking for the best reviewed wedding service? Looking for the least expensive DJ? You can now sort all results easily and quickly.

Here are some other new features you may have missed.

The Idea Vine. The Idea Vine is place where all kinds of cool wedding ideas can be showed off and shared. If your a wedding service that takes a lot of pictures and loves to show them off, this is the perfect opportunity to share them with other members of the community. If your a bride, you can start finding and saving great wedding ideas immediately.

Hearts. You can like an idea, article, or member just by clicking their little “heart” icon next to them. The more “hearts” something gets the more it becomes popular it becomes. We’re all about sharing the love too! You can share all the stuff you love on Facebook or other social network.

Following. Want to bookmark a great wedding hall? You can do it. All of your saved services and ideas will  be available on your “my vine” page.

The Bridal Vine is a website dedicated to helping brides plan their perfect wedding by offering them tools, information, and inspiration. Our goal is to create a community where vendors and brides alike can find each other and share these ideas and inspirations. If you haven’t been to the site in a while, please check it out and try out a new feature. I have always appreciated your valued feedback too.

Thanks again for the support. See you on the vine!

To infinity and beyond! Infinate scrolling added to our idea page

This weekend I finally got around to adding infinite scrolling to the idea page. This means that as you scroll down, more ideas will be shown automatically. It will just keep going until the end of all the ideas is reached (which unfortunately is pretty fast).

I need your help! I need more ideas added. More pictures of cool wedding stuff. Show off the goods! I would love to really get this idea page rolling so please let me know if you have any issues or concerns.

For those who do not have the link to the idea page, you can find it here: http://www.bridalvine/wedding-ideas



Bridal Vine has been updated. New social features.

Aug. 26, 2013SEWELL, N.J.Aug. 26, 2013 USA, New Jersey, Sewell (Apr. 26th, 2013) – The Bridal Vine, a free wedding planning website, has recently updated their website to include new features as well as improved social sharing.

The new update’s biggest addition is the addition of a new “love” system. This system keeps a score on what elements on the site are the most popular. Every wedding vendor, bridal member, article, image, and thought, can now be rated and “loved” by clicking a little heart icon. There is a box that displays the number of times the particular item has been “loved.” Along with the love interaction, flag actions have also been added to certain content to help elimate spam and inappropriate material.

Other additions to the website are an improved timeline. The timeline displays information on who and what is being shared across the website. Any item on the timeline can be clicked and have the user taken to that particular item. The ability to have brides register and create their own custom profile has also been improved.

Finally, The site has also refreshed with an improved layout and other useability improvements. Images on the site have improved framing and cropping. Buttons and upload forms have also been tweaked to increase usability. Several bugs have also been fixed.

You can view these changes on the Bridal Vine website at

Update to beta

I just made a new update at our Beta site based on some feedback from my daughter. You can heart and now unheart things. I also cleaned up the profile edit page for brides and bridal members (although there is still more to come). Profile images can now be updated on the edit page directly. I also improved the way the profile images are auto cropped. It will now crop from the center. News items can now be hearted and commented on just like ideas. I also added more actions to the timeline. Registered users and likes will now show up on the main feed. Ideas can now be linked to directly. For example, will now link to a single idea… Plus much more code has been cleaned up in the background. As always of you see a bug, please help me out by reporting it on the tab to the right of the site. I respond to all feedback so please let me know if you see an issue that needs improving. Oh in case you didn’t know, the site address for beta is

New Bridal Vine 2.0

After over 2 years of development and countless hours of debugging and testing, I am happy to announce that the new Bridal Vine is finally here! The site has pretty much been rewritten from the ground up with many new features added. Our main focus was to build the tools that will allow everyone to connect, create, collect and share the best wedding ideas. While we still have a long way to go, we are finally on our way to being the ultimate wedding planning resource we set out to be in 2010.


So what’s new? In no particular order:

  • Bridal Member Registration – (Finally! Tell your friends) The Bridal Vine is now open for bridal registrations. Brides, Grooms, Bridal Members can now register, comment, interact, and share wedding ideas with other users. This is just the start. We have much more features right around the corner.
  • Ideavine – Think of the ideavine as a never ending stream of wedding photos, tips, thoughts… ideas! that can be interacted with. Ideas can be “hearted”, “flagged” (for abuse), commented, with more interactions coming soon.
  • Newsvine – For ideas and stories with a little more substance we offer user created articles. Technically, the news articles can be treated exactly the same as any other “idea” and can be commented on and interacted in the same way as everything else. Authoring articles is a great way for wedding vendors to show their expertise in a particular wedding specialty as well as gain extra exposure on the site. Authoring of wedding articles is available to all featured vendors. We now can provide a complete set of publishing tools to help you get your story out to the masses.
  • Improved vendor search engine – We are constantly tweaking our search engine to help our users find the more local wedding vendors in their own home town.
  • We are now RESTful. REST is a web architecture used by the many of today’s leading websites. Amongst other characteristics, users will notice a better URL structure. Our registration link is now /register. Can’t get any easier than that.
  • Featured Vendor Upgrade Now Available – Vendor upgrades are now available. You can find out more at our upgrade page here.
  • Other improvements – We have been working to refine our interface in many areas. Image pop up to galleries and we have added a lot more ajax goodness.
  • Feedback – We want to know what you love, or hate about the new changes. Giving feedback is easy. Just click the tab on the right on the site.
  • More to come – With much of the heavy lifting done, we have allowed the site to be easier to expand. This will bring about more updates in less time. This is just the beginning.

Where can you go to see the new improvements? It’s easy. Just go to our homepage at

New updates for May 2013

Well.. It’s been a long time since the last update on the site. This does not mean I have been sitting on my laurels watching time pass by. In fact, I have been working on the new Bridal Vine beta and am happy to say that as of last week, it’s up! That’s right, Bridal Vine beta is now online with all the changes I have been working on for the past year. Although the site looks relatively the same UI wise, the back end has been very much well written. The new system uses a MVC framework and the code has been written in a way to allow easier changes without ripping the entire website apart.

The site is now more RESTful than ever. For the non geeks out there, REST is sort of like an architecture, a way of developing websites. The biggest change is in the URL structure. Want to go to your profile? Point your browser to how about the latest newsine story?!

So what else is new? Here is a short list of some of the features you will soon be seeing on the vine.

  • Bridal Registration/accounts – Yes brides, finally can register and have a profile just like vendors
  • Ideavine – The ideavine is a section where brides can go to get and share wedding ideas. Brides/vendors can upload images and post ideas right now. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more coming.
  • Interactions – I have developed an interaction engine (although still being fleshed out completely.) Pretty much anything will be able to be interacted with. Users will be able to (for lack of a better descriptive terms) like, flag and soon they will be able to add content to their own personal “vine” viewable on their myvine page.
  • Comments – Yes, I know were not really breaking new ground with this one but users can now comment on ideas, new articles, and more stuff. Then users can “like” the comments. You know the rest. We’re very excited to finally bring commenting into our own framework without relying on third party services like we currently have.
  • Newsvine publishing – Featured vendors will now have the tools to publish their own articles to be displayed on the homepage.
  • Pop up photos – You know the whole modal pop up slide shows, yeah we do that now.
  • More AJAX! – Because who doesn’t love AJAX?
  • Reworked search logic – Still tweaking but you can now find local vendors easier.

We will be testing the new features for the next few weeks and push the changes to the live site once the kinks are worked out.

Want to check it out for yourself? Check out the new beta site at

Quick note, all data on the beta will NOT be moved over to the live site. The beta is for demo and testing.

That’s all for now.


Okay let’s have at it. The “Create Our Slogan” contest has begun!

With our next big update getting closer and closer, it became apparent that something is missing from the website. That something.. is a slogan! You know, that one short catchy phrase that lets people know exactly what we’re all about. It gets pasted on the homepage, and printed on the business cards.

This got my mind going.. I began to think of what the Bridal Vine is. What do we do? Well, we are a vendor search engine. We also provide original content to help brides plan the perfect wedding. We will soon, be releasing features that will allow anyone to connect, share ideas, images, song selections, events, and more. In short, our long term goal is to provide the tools to connect people all over the world, creating the ultimate wedding sharing experience.

The question is, how do you shrink all that into one short phrase? It is certainly a tough challenge. Fortunately, since the Bridal Vine is a community or sorts, I got to thinking. Why don’t I open this up to our community and make it a contest. Why don’t we have some fun with it.

What’s the prize? How about a lifetime featured vendor account? This prize has to be eventually be worth thousands of dollars, right? I’m sure. 😉 How about your name prominently listed forever on our friends of the Bridal Vine page? I’m sure we can find some other fun swag along the way to give to the winner.

Will you help us? Can you help us find our perfect slogan? Are you up for the challenge? Entering this contest is as easy as replying to this thread with your “entry.” The winner will be announced the day after Christmas.

Let’s get the ball rolling. We will consider all ideas, no matter how outrageous it sounds… so feel free to get ridiculous with your slogan suggestions. Have fun and good luck!

Dennis Gruetter
Bridal Vine Founder

updates 5/22

Anyone know some great alternatives to throwing the bouquet? We do. Find out more in our latest article:

We are also in the process of converting to a more friendly URL structure. Notice the above URL. The newsvine is completely friendly. We have also partially converted the vendors page. The new home page for the vendors is

Nice, neat, and friendly.

We also added our signature bell to the footer. We added a small easter egg for those who ring it. Give it a try.

New updates Sunday 5/13

A couple of long overdue updates to the website. First, we finally added facebook and twitter icon links. The icon links will show up next to the email and website link. This feature is currently limited to our featured account holders.

Not a featured vendor? You can win a free year subscription. Tomorrow we will be giving away 25 featured accounts as part of our ring the bell promotion. Details will be found in our twitter feed.