Okay let’s have at it. The “Create Our Slogan” contest has begun!

With our next big update getting closer and closer, it became apparent that something is missing from the website. That something.. is a slogan! You know, that one short catchy phrase that lets people know exactly what we’re all about. It gets pasted on the homepage, and printed on the business cards.

This got my mind going.. I began to think of what the Bridal Vine is. What do we do? Well, we are a vendor search engine. We also provide original content to help brides plan the perfect wedding. We will soon, be releasing features that will allow anyone to connect, share ideas, images, song selections, events, and more. In short, our long term goal is to provide the tools to connect people all over the world, creating the ultimate wedding sharing experience.

The question is, how do you shrink all that into one short phrase? It is certainly a tough challenge. Fortunately, since the Bridal Vine is a community or sorts, I got to thinking. Why don’t I open this up to our community and make it a contest. Why don’t we have some fun with it.

What’s the prize? How about a lifetime featured vendor account? This prize has to be eventually be worth thousands of dollars, right? I’m sure. 😉 How about your name prominently listed forever on our friends of the Bridal Vine page? I’m sure we can find some other fun swag along the way to give to the winner.

Will you help us? Can you help us find our perfect slogan? Are you up for the challenge? Entering this contest is as easy as replying to this thread with your “entry.” The winner will be announced the day after Christmas.

Let’s get the ball rolling. We will consider all ideas, no matter how outrageous it sounds… so feel free to get ridiculous with your slogan suggestions. Have fun and good luck!

Dennis Gruetter
Bridal Vine Founder

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