Update to beta

I just made a new update at our Beta site based on some feedback from my daughter. You can heart and now unheart things. I also cleaned up the profile edit page for brides and bridal members (although there is still more to come). Profile images can now be updated on the edit page directly. I also improved the way the profile images are auto cropped. It will now crop from the center. News items can now be hearted and commented on just like ideas. I also added more actions to the timeline. Registered users and likes will now show up on the main feed. Ideas can now be linked to directly. For example, ¬†http://beta.thebridalvine.com/idea/241 will now link to a single idea… Plus much more code has been cleaned up in the background. As always of you see a bug, please help me out by reporting it on the tab to the right of the site. I respond to all feedback so please let me know if you see an issue that needs improving. Oh in case you didn’t know, the site address for beta is http://beta.thebridalvine.com/

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